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first day home

Welcome to the restoration of my '56 Oval Beetle. 

The car was purchased as you can see (top left) about 2 years ago from a young girl in Sydney. From what I can remember, Mabel, as she was known to her owner, had been basically restored from a shell 6 years earlier but over time the car's condition had inevitably begun to deteriorate. Despite this, the car had an attractive yellow paint job and was in overall good condition body wise. The interior had been retrimmed and I could see the potential for a very nice looker indeed. The original 1956 pan had been modified extensively (by Hellbug Engineering) to a ball joint front beam with avis adjusters and IRS and the front brakes had been upgraded to discs. After purchasing her I dropped the front for that Cal stance and added Porsche 914 rivieras, running skinny 4 inches up front and deep dish 5.5s rear. The interior was replaced with low backs featuring a blue/grey Mercedes Benz leather. Next the stock motor and gearbox was replaced for something a little more potent. I have added a few accessories too like the original mesh visor, eyelids, woodslat roofrack and towel rail bumpers. The car is by no means finished, its only just begun. I am in the process of fully transforming the Oval, but in the mean time I use her as my daily driver. I hope you enjoy the website...

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new shiny motor
new wheels and lowered mesh sunvisor and eyelids
pretty interior towel rails and sexy woodslat


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