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I bought the car in Sydney, Australia in early 2002. When i went to see it it was painted GM (Holden) chrome yellow but the paint had begun to deteriorate. The seats were also perishing in the bright sun. The driver's door flew open around corners. The gearnob kept coming off in my hand. The gearbox grinded and popped out of second gear. The engine was tired and noisy. The bumpers were rusty. The wheels were ugly and shit. There was a big dent in the rear fender. It backfired and later on the freeway home the exhaust fell off!
but i loved it...

After getting the car home i gave it a big tidy up. I can remember walking around it, so amazed i actually owned an Oval window beetle. I felt privelidged to possess a car of its vintage. I soon realised the car had great potential. It was rust free. The original pans were in excellent condition. The car had Hellbug Engineering modify the chassis to accomodate later ball joint front beam with Avis adjustable suspension and IRS welded into the rear. It now had disc brakes on the front and type 3 wagon rear drums. It stopped perfectly.

Within a month of owning it i had lowered the front end substantially.
After that i ripped out the interior and fitted a lovely set of lowbacks front seats, and matching rear seat and door trims finished in blue/grey Mercedes Benz leather. This really freshened up the car.

I soon grew tired of listening to the motor screaming all day and had James install a nice sound system including an Alpine deck and twin Rockford Fosgate 10" subs.
Now the bug pumped...
Im proud to say i stripped and rebuilt and then painted and detailed the motor myself and installed it along with the new gbox with the help of my friends Rex, James and Ryan.

Since then I hav added a mesh sunvisor and towel rail bumpers as well as eyelids.

The beetle is by no means finished. So far I hav just built a reasonably good looking bug that is comfortable and (somewhat) reliable. The big stuff is yet to come.
Future work includes:
Pan off resto using a original 1956 chassis.
Front beam narrowed and adjusters added, as well as dropped spindles giving a full 8 inches of suspension height adjustment!
Lower the rear 2 splines.
Full respray in original 50s VW colour (yet to be decided).
Original blood red interior.
Chromed EMPI Sprinstars
Euro-style number plates.
Woodslat roofrack (already purchased)
Fog lights.
+ loads more accessories!
Bigger motor and then maybe one day this Oval will be AIR BAGGED!!!

...or i might just do something totally different...