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A day on the farm


Discovery of Two Rat Buses


Tell me what you think

poor old panel vaninterior not too bad...the tractor suffered the same fate...

Recently I discovered this unfortunate late 50's RHD panel van on a farm. Unfortunately the bus has been sitting here since the late 70's. The shed behind it had plenty of room to house the bus but was never used. The only good thing is the dry climate in this area which has kept the rust mostly surface. As you can see from the inner door skins, the interior is not too bad. Sadly, the old bus has been used as a storage shed for past 20 years after she stopped running one day (they never tried to get it started!) She still has the company logo down the side and the semaphores, I think it would make an excellent rat bus...

sad busmakes my car look perfect!the interior

This 9 window Split was located just 50 metres away, looks to be a '61 maybe? Sadly, it too has stood in the weather for over two decades, within metres of sheds that would have preserved it much better. The car was driven daily until it ran out of registration in 1978. It was then assigned to duties on the farm until one day it was parked here and left to rot. This bus seemed to be in worse condition than the first, but both will need to be salvaged and cleaned of filth before a proper diagnosis can be reached. The sad thing about both these VWs is that they were in good condition and drivable when they were abandoned. I would love to get them fixed up structurally and mechanically, but register them looking as is, drop them and add a set of EMPI Sprintstars!

Two projects for the future perhaps...


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