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The 2003 VW Spectacular was held at Valla Park in northern NSW, just south of Coffs Harbour. The event, which is held every two years, ran over three days, August 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The weekend began with a huge VW gathering at Valla caravan park on Saturday morning. The number of show quality cars was very impressive, many people traveling from interstate to be there. By mid morning the gathering had generated into a mass convoy from Valla park to Nambucca Heads. To watch a few hundred Volkswagens cruising along the highway bumper to bumper was certainly a cool sight. Eventually we made it into Nambucca where the main street was filled with VWs parked four across as far as the eye could see. The township really seemed to support the German Invasion. After the cars were parked and you were free to walk amongst them and check them all out. Later that afternoon VW racing began at Raleigh raceway. The main Show 'n' Shine was on Sunday after the swap meet. It was a good chance to check out the best vehicles from the day before at their finest. The swap meet held some great bargains and many people seemed pleased with what they had managed to find.The drive north was a great test for my new motor which ran smoothly all the way.

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