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The MG Club held the first Euro Car Day in Lambton Park, Newcastle on the 15th February, 2004. There was a huge turnout, with over 200 quality classic European cars (and some American muscle too) representing all manufacturers. Der Neuburg Volks Klub proudly represented Volkswagen with four very nice Beetles. We got loads of attention all day (despite being pushed to the very back of the park). The VW club cars looked great as usual. My Oval made its 'rat' debut and whilst it seemed to draw a good crowd you could see some people didn't know how to take it. . There promises to be an even bigger event next year and we hope to get a massive assortment of VWs to represent. How hot was the day though, oh my god, there was no relief. Thanks to the MG Club for putting on an excellent show.
VWs at the back??? mick and james by their rides my oval with james' '57 micks 68 the three bugs
mick with his 68 james' 57 glowed all day the oval gets a looking over mick in his 68
james' 1957 big window the 'experts' tell me wat ive done wrong euro 001.jpg (54811 bytes) DUBBIN turned up DUBBIN getting some attention
Dellaca's MG bugs always attract children no idea DNVK represent eurpoean exotics
1976 Lamborghini still looks sharp VW based replica, very nice Ford Sierra, English import something different Porsche 911
toughest Mini Triumphs lotus elise Bug eyed Sprite two escorts
nice old Merc MGs galore Ferrari 308 GTB very Bond Aston Martin strange
a real rat DNVK @ euro day Look but please dont touch bug line up see you next year

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