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DNVK: the first cruise saturday 31/01/2004 

a few pics from our club's first outing together, very nice turn out for a first cruise, and a great day. we met up at warners bay McDonalds and headed to Toronto then doubled back thru speers point, and up thru to Belmont before heading past the beaches into newcastle harbour for lunch. Thanks to everyone who showed up and made it an excellent first cruise for our club, Ryan, Amanda, Kate, Martin, Nadia and Mick.

meeting @ Maccas 11am Ryans 69 Notchback Sams 56 Oval the crowd gathers maccas meeting
kates 68 dak Nadias pink 60 Amandas super Super Martin and Ryan VWFOOL
Micks 68 Martins kombi bugs ready to go through warners bay
ryan leads the way on the road DNVK cruise 2day we'll look thru the oval window  the klub
around the beaches cruise 039.jpg (26631 bytes) stop for lunch nads 60 difference in models
amandas micks kates 69 notch back tunes and drinks provided by martins kombi
lovely afternoon cruise 050.jpg (41008 bytes) checking out micks 1776 nice bugs
mick first cruise hi nad orang bug with oldies joins us... dick head doing a donut
DUBBIN & VWFOOL micks 1776martin in his camper ship leaving the harbour nice afternnon at the harbour rays of godthe/end

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