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Tools needed:

Why it needs adjusting: As the clutch linings wear, the clearance (free play) decreases, if it is left this way it will eventually get to where it slips and burns the linings, resulting in difficult shifting and engagement.  

To adjust the clutch you'll have to find the wing nut on the end of the cable. Its located on the upper right side of the transmission as your looking at it from the left wheel well. You can either jack the rear up, place jack stands under it, and work from the bottom which is the easiest way. Or, the other way is to remove the left rear wheel and work from there.

Grab the cable with the pliers to keep it from twisting and loosen the wing nut a little. Then, check and see how much free play you have at the pedal. Press the pedal till you feel working resistance. You want about 3/8-3/4in. of free play.

When you get the correct free play make sure that the wing nut's face is resting in the grooves of the arm, these grooves keep it from loosening.

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